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26Jul 2018

Official New video, new single and 3rd album approaching

Emigrate's official Facebook posted that Emigrate's next video will be shot on August 3rd in Los Angeles, with the participation of Ben and Ian from Billy Talent.

This confirms that this song will be the first single from Emigrate's third album. We don't know much about this album, except that it was composed at the same time as Silent So Long, and that it was recorded by the same team and with the same stuff.
09Apr 2015

Official Update on SSL II

Richard has posted on Facebook to give a quick update on the third album of Emigrate:

Hey guys,
Here’s a quick update. We just finished recording drums for SSL II. Mikko flew in from Australia where he was on tour with Apocalyptica. This guy is an ANIMAL on drums and there is no higher compliment than that. He was able to bang out 8 tracks in 2 days like a champ. Much respect! The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxed and free from frustration… I’m quite enjoying myself as I haven’t had one panic attack yet. Now that the drums are there I have set up my amps and recording chain to lay down the guitars. I don’t have the luxury this time to spend two months on it which is probably good since last time I ended up chasing the dragon (a.k.a. sound that doesn’t exist).
Ok, let’s all get back to work and I wish everybody some sunny days. We deserve it!
Richard ZK

A few photos have also been added. They are available in our gallery.
12Feb 2015

Official Emigrate's third album is already composed and could be released this year

Richard Kruspe just posted on the official Facebook page of Emigrate. He announces that he has written enough songs for a third album. It could be mixed in April and be released in September. Here is his post :

It was grey and it was depressing. My studio should've been my escape but in an environment like this I only wound up writing more depressing songs. It would've been a no-win situation if we hadn't come up with some good stuff for the next record, but we did. More than we needed, actually. The goal was to get two more songs and suddenly we had six in the basket. I'll be taking these songs along with others we've done back into the studio in March to record with the same crew. With any luck we'll be mixing by late April, giving us a new Emigrate record in September. The grey should be gone by then, but for now I wish everyone more light than I've been getting here. Unless you're writing depressing songs too.

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