Members of Emigrate

Current members

Richard Zven Kruspe (Vocals, guitars, co-producer)

  • Date of birth: June 24, 1967
  • Place of birth: Wittenberge, Germany
  • Other band: Rammstein
  • Old band: Orgasm Death Gimmicks
  • With Emigrate since: 2006

Introducing Richard in a few lines is not an easy thing. He is one of the two guitarists of the German band Rammstein, and one of its founding members. Richard is also the instigator and leader of Emigrate: he founded it to canalize his extra creativity.

Before being part of Rammstein (since 1994) and Emigrate (since 2006), Richard was guitarist for Orgasm Death Gimmicks. He defines himself as a fucking perfectionist and tends to suppress the creativity of others.

Besides being the guitarist of Emigrate, Richard wrote the lyrics (with his ex-wife Caron Bernstein for the first album), sings and co-produces songs, overseen by Jacob Hellner.

You can find a complete biography of Richard on

Arnaud Giroux (Bass guitar, co-producer)

  • With Emigrate since: 2006
  • Old band: Hubert Felix Thiefaine ; Axel Bauer ; Daran et les chaises

Arnaud Giroux is a bassist and good French friend of Richard, expatriated in New York. In the music business, Arnaud is a renowned and respected bassist, who has played, among others, for Axel Bauer, Daran et les chaises, or Hubert Felix Thiefaine. He also wrote in the French magazines "Guitare et Clavier" et "Bass Magazine".

But this is not all. Arnaud is also an illustrator and designer. Among other works, he designed the cover of Silent So Long, and created some promotionnal photos.

Arnaud Giroux is probably the most important member of Emigrate after Richard. He co-produces the songs, composes and records the bass guitar. He appears in the band's videos and even took part in the promotion tour of Silent So Long in 2014, alongside Richard.

Olsen Involtini (Additional guitars, co-producer)

  • With Emigrate since: 2006

Olsen Involtini is a musician and producer. His work is a guarantee of high quality and artists love his skills. Olsen has produced some successful artists (Seed, Bela, Lemonbabies).

He worked with Rammstein, remixing the songs Amerika (Western Remix) and Haifisch (Haiswing Remix), and creating arrangements for songs like Ohne dich or Stein um Stein. He met Richard Z. Kruspe at that time.

Although a multi-talented artist and producer, Olsen is only involved in Emigrate as guitarist arranger, but also co-producer.

Mikko Sirén (Drums)

  • Date of birth: December 31, 1975
  • Other bands: Apocalyptica ; Megaphone
  • With Emigrate since: 2013

Mikko is a Finnish drummer, known in his country for having played with bands such as Ultra Bra, Kengurumeininki, Lapping Tongue Syvä Sininen, Dust Company, Froot Soup and The Fantastic Opticists.

Starting from 2003, he is occasionally hired by the Finnish band Apocalyptica for their Reflections tour, and then becomes an official member of the band in 2005, after 200 concerts and a recorded album.

Richard noticed Mikko in 2005 when Apocalyptica was supporting Rammstein, but Mikko joined Emigrate only in 2013, because Richard wanted the drums to be recorded in Europe for the second album, and because Mikko knows how to record, compared to Joe Letz who is a live drummer.

Occasional members

Joe Letz (Drums)

  • Place of birth: Franklin Square, NY, USA
  • Date of birth: October 26, 1980
  • Other band: Combichrist

Joe Letz is an energetic drummer, best known for his work with Combichrist, an EBM and industrial metal band. Richard met Joe in the mid-2000s and naturally recommended Combichrist to Rammstein, who were looking for a support for their LIFAD tour in 2009 and 2010.

Besides being a drummer, Joe is also a DJ and even mixed as support of Rammstein for their Made In Germany tour. He also sells clothing under the brand FUXLEEP.

Joe Letz is not a full member of Emigrate. Friend with Richard, he has an advisory role and gives his opinion on the songs. However, he plays drums in most of the band's videos, because Richard loves his drumming style.

Margaux Bossieux (Backing vocals, guitar)

  • Date of birth: December 03, 1984
  • Other project: Slippin Away

Margaux Bossieux is a French expatriate in New York, former bassist of punk band Dirty Mary, and now singer, guitarist and bassist for his new project, Slippin Away.

She was the best friend of Richard for a long time, and then had a relationship with him, which jeopardized his marriage with his ex-wife, Caron Bernstein. Today, it seems that Richard and Margaux are officialy together. A child even arose from this union.

Margaux is not an official member of Emigrate but she is a background vocalist on several songs of the two albums, and even sings a duet on Silent So Long. She regularly plays on the band's videos.

Former members

Henka Johansson (Drums)

  • Place of birth: Karlskoga, Suède
  • Date of birth: February 28, 1973
  • Old band: Clawfinger
  • Was part of Emigrate 2006 et 2007

Henka Johansson was the drummer of the Swedish band Clawfinger between 1997 and 2008. Rammstein supported Clawfinger in 1995 and 1996, while Henka was not the drummer, but then Clawfinger made ​​several excellent remixes of some Rammstein tracks, and Richard met Henka.

After having recorded the first album of Emigrate in Denmark, Henka left the band, replaced by Mikko Sirén, because it was difficult for Henka to be in Emigrate for geographical reasons.

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