Emigrate News - Track-by-track of Silent So Long

04Oct 2014

Track-by-track of Silent So Long

The october edition of Metal Hammer Germany features a track-by-track of Silent So Long. Here is the translation, thanks to our friends of Rammstein USA

Eat You Alive (feat. Frank Dellé)
Eat You Alive (feat. Frank Dellé) - Riffing edges, distorted vocals, groovy industrial – a good beginning.

Get Down (feat. Peaches)
Very beat-heavy, toned down guitars, EBM-offsets, experimental, but alluring – above all, Peaches' voice.

Rock City (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
Lemmy rocks the house. Fast-paced rhythms, almost punky. The first highlight, perfectly set.

Hypothetical (feat. Marilyn Manson)
Manson doesn't need much coaxing and he sticks up a proper, lyrical middle finger to catchy rock grooves, reminiscing of Led Zep's, "Kashmir".

Kruspe by himself at the microphone. We've been missing this since 2007. Wonderful melody, beautifully executed vocals, great song build-up. Highlight!

Born On My Own
Slow, floating, hard rocking and with an unbeatable message: "Break down the walls that keep us all".

Giving Up
Lightly electronic, a really classic Emigrate song.

My Pleasure
Hard rock, stomps on to the right riffs.

Happy Times (feat. Margaux Bossieux)
Slow, powerful. Singing duet with Margaux Bossieux, who could also be heard on the first album. Highlight.

Simple, effective. Battle cries to Industrial Rock with a touch of Tool in the vocals.

Silent So Long (feat. Jonathan Davis)
Jonathan Davis embellishes the hard grooves with his high-pitch voice and makes the suitable finale of Silent So Long.

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