Emigrate News - Mixing in Hollywood with Ben Grosse

09Feb 2014

Official Mixing in Hollywood with Ben Grosse

Richard just indicated on the Emigrate Facebook page that he is currently in Los Angeles, mixing the second Emigrate record:

Hello friends,

After almost a year of hard work, I arrived in the sunny world of California with 20 tracks of new emigrate material.
I decided to escape the gray skies of Berlin to put some sunlight in my soul.
So here I am in Hollywood mixing the next Emigrate record with Ben Grosse.
I must say that I am quite excited about the results.
For me it was important to reach a new level of songwriting, singing and production, and I can honestly say, we made it.
So I am gonna stay here in Los Angeles for another 6 weeks to mix the album, then I think we can lock in a summer release.
So stay with me and I'll keep you updated.

Best wishes, Richard.

It's interesting to see that Richard choose to replace Stefan Glaumann, the usual mixing engineer of Rammstein and Emigrate, with Ben Grosse, a well-known American mixer. Maybe to find another sound.

Stay tuned with Emigrate World!

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